Hindu Buddhist Foundation of Canada (HBFC)

हिन्दु बुध्दिष्ट फाउन्डेसन अफ क्यानडा

A Registered Charity Organization


Hindu Buddhist Foundation of Canada (HBFC) was incorporated under BC Society Act in 2016 and has been registered with Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) as charity under Income Tax Act. Since its inception, HBFC has been providing ritual and cultural services to the community, organized knowledge sharing talk programs and training on yoga and meditation classes for healthy and happy life. In addition, the foundation has been raising money from community members through ritual and voluntary services. 

Lower mainland of BC is home to majority of Nepali immigrants in BC. Based on anecdotal information, there are around 5,000 people of Nepali origin and some 75% of them reside in the city of Surrey. About fifty percent of this number represents working adults who are directly contributing to the local economy by way of employment or running business. The other half are the future labour force/entrepreneurs currently engaged in educational and skill development. Vast majority of the Nepali community in BC practice Hinduism and Buddhism and this is representative of population in Nepal. Over 85% of the people in Nepal follow either Hindu and Buddhist faith. It is important to note here that Hinduism and Buddhism have co-existed in Nepal for centuries and it is not uncommon to find Buddhist practicing Hindu rites/ rituals/customs and vice-versa.

Proposed Nepali temple (spiritual and cultural centre) represents the aspirations of the majority of Nepali immigrants residing in BC for a venue that serves as a space for practicing and showcasing Nepali religions, heritage and culture. Hindu Buddhist Foundation of Canada (HBFC) is an institutional conduit of BC Nepali community to reach the goal of establishing the centre in as much short period of time as possible.  We believe that such a centre (place) will contribute to the diversity of city in specific and BC and Canada in general.

Ever since first Nepali people arrived in BC, there has been a desire for a common place that showcases not only Nepali culture and heritage but also serves as a place of gathering and worship. As the number of Nepali immigrants grew, enthusiasm has multiplied and the resolve become stronger.  There is a general feeling now that this goal can be realized soon if we received support and assistance from various levels of government.

We recently bought a property in north Surrey that will give us some space to carry out and perform events and rituals even if on a limited scale. Many community members have pledged and committed to providing more support to manage this property that will eventually pave the way for building a complex that will accommodate and service a larger number of people. A glimpse of the short and medium term plan is presented below.

Plans and Proposals

A. Immediate Plans

We bought a property in North Surrey, 12351 WinRam Road (Near Old Yale and 124th Street)

Purchase Price : $710,000

Mortgage from Vancity Credit Union: $491,250

Down Payment : $218,750

Expenses: $4,526.50

No Transfer Fee

Completion : July 12th, 2018

Possession : July 14th, 2018

Mortgage Payment: $2,805 /month  + Insurance $300 + Utilities

B. Long Term Plan (Five or more Years)

Build a Temple (Cultural Centre / Spiritual Centre) with

- Adequate Prayer area

- Adequate office and some living space

- Adequate gathering area

- Adequate parking area

Rationale for Acquiring a Property

- Executives feel it achievable

- Provides venue for events / functions

- Venue for unique Nepali Rituals/functions

- Offers a physical address to be identified

- Helps to build Net Worth for Large Space


Once we have our own space,

- We can run regular Nepali / Sanskrit / Pali Language class

- Seniors meeting and networking place

- Can run Regular meditation and Yoga sessions

- Can run math / science tutoring class

- It provides venue for performing life events (rituals)/ functions

- Helps to build Net Worth for Large Space

- Offers a physical address to be identified

Please donate generously !


Hindu Buddhist Foundation of Canada (HBFC) is appealing everyone to donate generously and support this objective. HBFC will, issue tax receipt for the donations received, and, ensure transparency by regularly publicizing the name of the donors and amount of donations made. Donation can be made by cash, cheque, e-transfer or Paypal. Please email to: hbfcanada.bod@gmail.com

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